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Unit Dose
The Unit Dose system is an innovative systems for the pharmaceutical distribution based on the method of preparing and distributing drugs to wards for administration to a specific patient, in a specific dose, at a specific time, on a regular basis. In this system, each dose is individually prepared, packaged, and labeled.

Organising the distribution in such a manner makes it possible for hospital pharmacists to fully control the drug therapy process, while also reducing the time dedicated for routine activities related to the preparation of dose forms in a hospital ward.

Within the drug distribution systems, Alteris draws on the unique and extensive experience gained during numbers of comprehensive projects delivered to hospital pharmacies and  community pharmacies in Europe. The solutions we offer have already been successfully implemented in Poland.

The integrated drug management system is composed of:
  • The pharmacy system
  • Equipment for storing and dispensing drugs
  • The device for repackaging drugs in oral solid dose forms
  • Automated floor stock storage
  • Carts for drug transportation
Alteris Unit Dose ensures:
  • Protection of a hospital and patients against the possibility of medical errors
  • Reduction in the total costs related to the distribution of drugs in a hospital
  • Efficient use of the qualifications of the pharmaceutical and nursing personnel as well as more direct commitment to healthcare
  • Reduction of drug inventory in floor stock storages and the minimisation of losses
  • Control of the consumption of and access to drugs at each level of distribution
  • The use of modern automated equipment
  • Optimisation of the pharmacotherapy process
  • Guarantee of high return on investments

Invest in order to save

The investment, depending on its scale, is reimbursed within 2 to 5 years, at the same time generating huge benefits within safety, efficacy and economics of drug management. We offer:

  • Flexible forms of financing
  • Financing from Savings
  • The experience of our international partners and a number of scientific studies make it possible to precisely estimate the level of possible benefits, e.g.:
    • At least 10% of savings in the hospital drug management
    • Reduction in drug consumption from 10% to 30%
    • Reduction of stock levels up to 40%