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A modern imaging diagnostics laboratory in a specialist hospital cannot do without an MRI apparatus. MRI laboratories require special protection against disturbance caused by external electromagnetic fields – they must be enclosed within the so-called “Faraday cage”. We have been installing the MRI apparatus for many years, being an expert in the construction of such facilities. Along with our reliable partner – MR Schutztechnik, the European leader in the production of electromagnetic screening components – we have a successful track record of more than 150 such projects, not only in Poland, but also in other of Central and Eastern Europe. We have a relevant experience and undertake complex and non-standard implementations.

We provide these services not only for medical entities, but also for other centres, in particular scientific institutions. In 2013, we fulfilled our biggest and most challenging project – the Faraday cages for a dozen of miscellaneous laboratories in the new headquarters of the Department of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science at the Jagiellonian University, which is expected to become operational in 2014.

We invite you to ask and cooperate, we offer all the assistance you need in designing and construction of any facilities that require electromagnetic screenings and protections against radiation for employees and patients.